Top Jobs You Can Do From Home

man-working-from-homeWorking from home can be great: you get extra time to spend with your loved ones, avoid the annoyance of a daily commute, and you dont have to worry too much about how you look while you work. For some people, working from home is living the dream. It doesnt have to be your regular job, either: you can use a home job to supplement your regular income. And why not? There is huge potential to make money without leaving the house. So what kind of jobs would you be able to do from outside of the office? Take a look at some ways people are making money from home.

Online Marketer

Internet marketing is the business of creating messages that attract customers to products. The best part of this is that you can decide exactly which types of products you want to offer, and how to tailor the stories your website includes to move those products. It means you can turn your love of music, lets say, and turn it into a way for other people to find music, all while making you some cash.


This is a classic work-from-home occupation. People have been selling from Amway, Mary Kay, and Avon for decades. This business is also called direct selling, and it makes billions of dollars every year. Some people who get into direct sales just network with the people they already know to bring in tons of cash. You are going to constantly want to grow your network though, so that means making friends and keeping in touch with a lot of people. Its a sales job, so your personality and appearance will play a big part in how successful you are at moving products.


With businesses increasingly cutting back on staff to save money, they are looking to freelancers more and more to help meet their needs. Types of freelancers include web designers, writers, proofreaders, translators, editors, and graphic designers. Youll need to have some ability to work in these fields, so making a website or a portfolio is a good idea of where to start.


This is a great option if you already love to have friends over for meals or parties that you prepare and organize yourself. Youll be turning your talents into a business that you run from home. You can select the kind of dishes you want to offer, but keep in mind how you want to market your business. Specializing in one type of cuisinewhether its home style Italian or classic Americanais going to help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Online Nurse

This is a more specialized job that will only work if youre already a registered nurse, or are willing to become one. Online nursing lets you help people without getting stuck in a hectic hospital environment. Using software that comes from all types of companies involved in the healthcare industryinsurers, medical suppliers, pharmaceutical-makersyour job as a virtual nurse will be to answer questions for people by phone or over the internet.

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