Why Are Background Checks Becoming a Growing Trend?

Why Are Background Checks Becoming a Growing Trend?

Within contemporary society, many large corporations now see background checks as integral to how they go about their business. Much like other aspects of modern-day life, these checks are carried out to ensure the safety and security not only of the business but also of their employees. As a result, we’re going to look at why background checks are becoming increasingly important throughout for a wide array of different industries.

What are background checks and which services can you use to perform them?

Alongside being used to ensure both short-term and long-term safety in many different aspects of a business, such checks can be undertaken to find information on most people. Through delving into countless public records, the necessary data can rather easily be found by some of the biggest companies. It’s widely considered careless for such a business not to perform a background check on a potential employee, and, rather seriously, could result in them being liable for negligent hiring or retention. In turn, utilizing a background check minimizes the risk of employer negligence while also keeping their existing workforce safe.

In terms of services with which to perform the background check, there are many available. Organizations such as BeenVerified, TruthFinder, and People Looker are considered to be some of the best background check companies on the market. BeenVerified, for example, uses a person’s name and email address to sift through dozens of available records. Additionally, much like many of the services open for use, this service provider offers a basic and premium search, with the lower tier including checks into address history, contact information, convictions, criminal records, known relatives, property reports and social media photographs. The premium service, on the other hand, delves deeper into far more extensive reports.

Much like BeenVerified, TruthFinder also offers varying levels of search results. Through the Android-only app, those who turn to TruthFinder’s premium service can perform a widespread background check into aspects such as education history, former roommates, weapons permits, and much more. Before carrying out such a check, it’s important to be aware of the legalities surrounding this area. While it’s perfectly legal to check on new neighbors and look up your own history, for example, it is a severe offense according to the Fair Play Credit Report Act to screen future employees without their permission.

The results the above companies provide are exactly the reasons why businesses perform background checks before hiring a new employee. The research can provide immense insight into somebody’s past and as a result, what they’re likely to be like on the job – rather than just in the interview. In this sense, employers may be concerned with past criminal convictions and how severe they were, allowing them to determine any risk in that sense.

However, conducting a background check is becoming increasingly essential to businesses in that they can reflect how honest the interviewee has been. It’s no secret that people manipulate their CV to come across in a way that they believe is desired by the employer, and a short interview is never long enough to determine someone’s true nature – it’s easy for a prospective employee to put on a show for that short hour or so. Researching their history is vital to uncovering any exaggeration or lies. As many background checks include calls to former employers, it’s becoming far easier to validate what is being claimed in the interview stages of recruitment. In turn, this is far more likely to result in the best and most honest candidate being selected for the role on the majority of occasions.

Personal Use Possibilities

However, it’s not just businesses that can benefit from carrying out background checks. In recent years, it has become increasingly common among members of the public to use such services for their own personal gain. While many companies are using the available platforms to find out the legitimacy of potential future employees, other customers are now using them in their attempts to track down long-lost friends or family, along with also seeking to learn more about their personal history.

For some, staying on top of their records is vitally important, and wondering what background checks are likely to find is an intriguing prospect. Although there may be nothing negative to uncover, having an idea of what is likely to be found by a potential employer upon performing such checks allows for greater peace of mind. Moreover, as already mentioned, there are no legal issues with looking into your own history or searching for old friends and family. As a result, the personal use possibilities of these services are continuing to be thoroughly explored.

Don’t Underestimate Their Value

Although our obsession with predictive metrics is becoming intertwined with our everyday lives when it comes to performance, the value of background checks mustn’t be underestimated. Their integration into many walks of modern-day society is becoming integral to the future direction of global businesses, along with personal intrigue.

Published at Wed, 25 Sep 2019 07:38:40 +0000